quicksmart technology engages with clients to design, manufacture and install productivity-enabling building solutions for the aged care, education, hospital, hotel, residential and student accommodation sectors.

We strive to deliver cost-efficient, high-quality and speed-to-market prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) solutions that offer our clients genuine benefits and a real alternative to traditional construction.

Currently with offices in Singapore, Australia and China, quicksmart technology is positioned to service the Asia pacific markets.

Supporting this reach are our highly skilled and experienced staff with qualifications in architecture, interior design, engineering, construction & project management, quantity surveying and logistics management.

quicksmart technology derives experience in the PPVC, construction and development industries from quicksmarthomes®,RCQ Construction and Jemalong Property Group in Australia. With an all-encompassing knowledge of property, quicksmart technology is ready to assist key stakeholders design and construct PPVC projects for maximum benefit.

Our quicksmart mission is to work closely with all project stakeholders to provide innovative and cost effective building solutions of the highest standard. By introducing off-site manufacturing and assembly principles we aim to offer significant improvements to work place health & safety, improved environmental impacts and shortened project delivery time frames.

Singapore Approved

quicksmart technology is delighted to confirm receipt of In-Principle Acceptance (IPA) of our QUICKSMART PPVC System (BIP2016-05-0040) from the BCA after it was successfully accepted by Singapore’s Building Innovation Panel (BIP).

Our Values

The quicksmart brand was founded on the objectives of four principals: innovation, safety, quality and economic benefits for the multi-rise construction industry. These core values remain the objective for our clients today.


Innovation of building solutions is our core foundation and central to our drive. Offering alternative products and systems gains us the title of innovative, but there is always more to be achieved and we are continually striving to reinvent the industry.


Safety is not only built into our company’s operations, but in the products we manufacture and deliver to site. Our goal is safety at all times; with a clear objective to eliminate risk and create a zero harm environment for our employees, stakeholders and the wider community.


Our quality assurance processes are the cornerstone of the operation and what enables us to deliver high-quality, compliant products and systems to all markets regardless of their respective building codes and standards.


We are committed to delivering an economic benefit of time, cost or revenue saving. As an alternative to traditional construction, we are judged on the financial advantages of our system.

Our People

Across our international operations, we are committed to the goal of creating an organisation that is proud of its people, its products and its unwavering customer commitment.
Key personnel at quicksmart technology include:

  • James Thorrold
  • Managing Director

quicksmart technology and quicksmarthomes® Managing Director, James Thorrold is a registered builder in Australia, with a Bachelor of Construction Management from Queensland University of Technology. James is focused on engaging key stakeholders and building relationships to promote our PPVC system and transform the way the built environment is constructed across South East Asia.
James is now concentrating almost 30 years’ experience in the construction industry on the continuous improvement of quicksmart technology’s methodology and management systems for prefabricated building solutions.

Email. james@quicksmarthomes.com Phone. +61 458 020 086

  • Dr. Michael King
  • Business Development Director
  • South East Asia

Dr. King joined quicksmart technology with more than 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. Having graduated from Kobe University, Japan in 1993 with a PhD in Structural Dynamics, Michael has worked for large MNS’s such as Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd, UEM Builders Bhd and Shimizu Corporation in various construction industries including ready-mixed concrete, testing laboratory and geotechnical instrumentation, construction and engineering consultancy. Prior to joining quicksmart technology, he was the Principal Business Development Manager at Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte. Ltd.

Email. michael.king@quicksmarthomes.com Phone. +65 9137 9620

  • Hennie Van De Ven
  • Executive Director
  • General Manager, China

Hennie joined quicksmart technology in April 2016. Graduating from Delpht University in the Netherlands with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Hennie brings to the company more than 20 years experience in the steel, power and waste management sectors. Hennie has worked in many countries, including The Netherlands, France, Germany, England, Canada and has been working in China for the last 15 years. Prior to coming on board at quicksmart technology he was the China GM for a Dutch steel-making enterprise, a subsidiary of Tata Steel, the largest steel-making company in the world. Hennie is multi-lingual, speaking 6 languages, which combined with his engineering knowledge and business acumen places him in very good stead for our international operations.

Email. hennie@quicksmarthomes.com Phone. +86 139 1404 4841


Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) is a method of construction where free-standing volumetric modules (complete with all internal finishes and services) are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and then brought to site to be incorporated with the on-site components of a building. The inclusion of PPVC technology is a key part of a fundamental change within the construction industry to adopt the concept of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA), where construction is designed such that as much work may be done off-site in a controlled manufacturing environment as possible.
quicksmart technology obtained In-Principal Acceptance for our Steel Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) System – QUICKSMART PPVC System in October 2016.

What is quicksmart technology’s PPVC system?

Our QUICKSMART PPVC System is manufactured and assembled from treated (galvanised) steel to form a 6-sided volumetric module; a self-supporting structure with the capacity to form a 20 plus storey building.
For the Singaporean market we have included a light weight concrete floor, for other markets alternative products are available. Walls and ceilings are fully insulated for the climate and sector as well as fire rated to meet the building code.
Our system furthermore easily surpasses the minimum level of finishes and fittings completed off-site as required to qualify as PPVC in the BCA’s Code of Practice of Buildability (2015 edition).



Compared to traditional construction, our industry leading PPVC processes can generate productivity improvements in excess of 30%. As a proven technology, rapid deployment on site ensures practical completion is achieved faster – a great benefit to our clients and a major competitive advantage for construction companies considering this technology.

Labour reduction

PPVC offers an on-site labour reduction of up to 50% as the majority of the build is completed off-site. This also reduces on-site storage requirements and improves workplace health and safety (WH&S).


quicksmart technology’s quality management systems are certified to ISO 9001. By having complete control over the manufacturing environment and with modules fitted out before they go to site, quicksmart technology can assure a level of quality, consistency and certainty that site-based construction can rarely offer.

Cost certainty

In addition to potential savings over traditional construction, quicksmart technology offers certainty in the form of a fixed price contract and our financially strong parent company provides guarantees negotiated to suite client requirements.


quicksmart technology’s workplace health and safety management systems are certified to ISO 18001. With the majority of construction completed in our manufacturing facilities and with 50% less labour required on-site, overall WH&S issues are dramatically reduced.


quicksmart technology’s environmental management systems are certified to ISO 14001. Sustainable practices are central to our operations. As modules are manufactured off-site, little waste is generated creating a lower cost, clean, safe and sustainable site. Our goal is to have minimal impact on the environments in which we operate.