Design Feasibility

Can your project benefit from PPVC?

It is essential that our design team have input in the preliminary design stages of a PPVC project to ensure all benefits can be extracted. Failure to seek consultation in the early stages may require a complete re-design or abandonment of a PPVC solution.


If a client’s concept design has already moved to the schematic or tender stage before engaging professional modular design and construct input, it is often too late. quicksmart technology offers that initial modular feasibility service as well as design expertise and combines this with indicative cost estimates for your client.

Main Contractor

Early builder involvement is also essential for the construction management planning and design of our PPVC system. The nature of off-site construction requires significant front-end design to be completed prior to construction commencing. quicksmart technology’s active involvement in this process in conjunction with a builder, increases productivity and eliminates the potential for issues at the junction between conventional building and PPVC. This translates into significant savings in the overall cost of the project.


We actively encourage developers to engage with us early in both the project feasibility and design process so we can outline the specific PPVC benefits we can bring to the project.  Why Modular section


The decision to utilise PPVC must be made during the preliminary design stages