To assist in the design of a PPVC project, guidelines for incorporating the QUICKSMART PPVC System are outlined below.


There is flexibility in the size of the modules up to the point they can still be transported using traditional logistic infrastructure such as trucks, cargo ships and cranes. Shown below are the standard ISO dimensions for transportation and the factory maximums for manufacture.


See below the standard ISO and factory maximum height dimensions and resulting internal ceiling heights. The floor to floor heights can vary depending on inclusion of MEP within the bottom rail of the PPVC module or reducing the size of the bottom rail by having the MEP penetrate into the ceiling space of the module below.

NB: Module ceiling and floor to floor height are guide only. The heights vary depending on chosen ceiling and floor finishes.


The wall build ups for our QUICKSMART PPVC module are shown below.


quick smart technology has an extensive catalogue of PPVC project designs for our QUICKSMART PPVC System. A selection of the most common module configurations have been provided to guide architects in the most efficient means to design with PPVC.

Every PPVC module is custom designed to suit client requirements and we encourage you to call us to discuss.


Below are example project floor plans and module fit-out plans for completed and current projects within various sectors.






Seismic, wind and dead loads

The QUICKSMART PPVC System has been engineered to withstand Singaporean conditions for Dead, Live, Wind, Notional load and seismic actions.

Engineered to 20 plus storeys

The QUICKSMART PPVC System was comfortably engineered to stand 20 storeys utilising an in situ pre-cast RC core to provide lateral stability. There is significant capacity to increase the height of our QUICKSMART PPVC system to over 20 storeys.

Disproportionate collapse

The QUICKSMART PPVC System has been tested for the disproportionate collapse of steel columns and removal of an entire PPVC module.

Fire rated

The QUICKSMART PPVC System achieves the minimum fire rating and fire safety design requirements for Singaporean building code.


Each module is separated by an air gap and vibration pads placed at connection points to create acoustic separation, achieving excellent ambient noise levels. Footfall induced vibrations for each module are modelled and floor joist designs amended to ensure floor vibrations remain within acceptable levels.

Design Life of Building

The QUICKSMART PPVC System has been designed to maximise the buildings design life through the use of galvanisation, weathering steel and protective coatings. These structural elements combine to exceed the Singaporean minimum building design life.


The QUICKSMART PPVC module exteriors have been designed to meet or exceed minimum thermal performance requirements for insulation.


The QUICKSMART PPVC System has been designed to accommodate hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and fire protection services with vertical and horizontal connections between adjoining modules and insitu areas