Hybrid Housing

  • Location: Berry, NSW, Australia
  • Developer: Jemalong Property Group
  • Head contractor: quicksmarthomes®

Project Overview

quicksmarthomes® were asked to complete a series of residential homes to tackle the backlog of housing demand in the regional area of Berry, NSW where trades are difficult to obtain. This provided an opportunity to deploy our system in a different way. The use of prefabrication was not only required to streamline the build program but allowed the houses to be constructed simultaneously. For a client with a strong emphasis on environmentally sensitive design, the offsite construction eliminated a number of trades onsite and screw pile foundations were used to minimize foundation disruption. Grouping the rooms of the home that required the most fit-out within full volumetric modules allowed for a higher specification to be implemented within a controlled factory environment. These modules were used as the core of the homes and were complemented with prefabricated floor cassettes and closed wall panels.

Project details

  • 6 four bedroom residential hybrid homes occupying a floor area of circa 220 sqm
  • PPVC modules and various other prefabricated building components where used in the construction of the homes. Each home had various levels of prefabrication included.
  • The modules contained all wet area and kitchens