Lake Macquarie Private Hospital extension

  • Location: Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia
  • Developer: Ramsay Health Care Limited
  • Head contractor: Akalan
  • Project duration: 14 weeks

Project Overview

quicksmarthomes® was engaged by Ramsay Healthcare to provide 16 hospital modules. Each module contained two rooms with a corridor and fully fitted ensuite (room/corridor/room configuration).

Project drivers were the need for a quality health care facility that was built faster and avoided many traditional construction complications as well as environmental issues including weather delays and noise disturbances.

The project was completed in 14 weeks – 6 months faster than traditional construction estimation. The 16 hospital modules also complied with all required Australian Standards, Ramsay Health Care’s detailed requirements and specific hospital regulations.

The project allowed Ramsay to begin operating and generate revenue much sooner than if they had opted for a traditional build.