Leveraging the extensive PPVC experience of our Australian operation – quicksmarthomes®, quicksmart technology can assist stakeholders in the aged care, education, hospital, hotel, apartment, and student accommodation sectors adapt their project design to gain the maximum efficiencies from our QUICKSMART PPVC System.

quicksmart technology will work with the project design team to detail the modular component of the build. Once the project design is complete, quicksmart technology prepares manufacturing shop drawings. These are the detailed drawings are used by the factory to manufacture and assemble the fully complete PPVC modules.

Preliminary design and estimation

It is essential quicksmart technology’s experienced design and estimation departments engage with potential clients at the preliminary design stage to comprehensively brief the project team on design parameters and costs of construction.

BIM Documentation

Our in-house design team document the drawing of each PPVC module with BIM software and oversee specialist PPVC consultants including engineering (structural, MEP, acoustic and fire) and building compliance consultants as required.

Main contractor – Tender assistance

quicksmart technology can provide a detailed demarcation schedule that will enable the main contractor to confidently tender for works and consultants without duplication or oversight of the necessary scope of works.



The manufacture and assembly is completed in a state-of-the-art factory purpose built for the PPPVC industry. All works are completed in accordance with our Quality Management Systems assured to ISO 19001. In addition to this our factory will be required for all Singaporean projects to pass a theory and practical audit of processes and works known as MAS Approval.

Defined preparation and assembly tasks at each stage of the manufacturing process are completed by trained specialist structural steel fabricators in accordance with relevant manufacturing standards. There is a number of inspection and hold points during manufacture to ensure the modules are within defined tolerances. Notably every module undergoes a non-destruction examination prior to moving onto service fitout and interior decoration.

All MEP services are completed by licensed specialist contractors and interior decoration works are completed in accordance with highest standards. All Singaporean project works will furthermore comply with the Building & Construction Authority’s (BCA) Good Industry Practice guidelines.

Prior to leaving the factory each module will have passed rigorous quality assurance checks and certification.

PPVC modules are cleaned, protected and supported with bracing where needed for transport to ensure they arrive onsite ready for installation.

Compliant products

Our Quality Assurance Manager will inspect and verify all products and materials used in the assembly of the PPVC module are in accordance with specification and compliant with relevant building codes.

Prototype sets Standard

A prototype of the PPVC module is manufactured prior to the full production run. This prototype sets the standard for all remaining PPVC modules.

Manufacturing Capacity

The purpose built state-of-the-art factory has the manufacturing capacity to produce up to 800 modules per month.

Certified Quality Management Plan

quicksmart technology manufactures all PPVC modules in accordance with our Quality Management Plan certified to ISO 9001.



quicksmart technology has established relationships with specialist transport companies capable of moving non-standard cargo (oversized PPVC modules). Transporting the PPVC modules from our factory in China to site requires detailed planning and the coordination of different transport modes.

Capacity to deliver our product globally

Our modules can be transported anywhere in the world as they are moved and lifted utilising our patented lifting beam technology.

Transport routes and government regulation

quicksmart technology undertakes a comprehensive check of the transport routes and government regulation to determine the constraints that may be placed on the size of our PPVC modules. Physical barriers such as bridges, road widths, and even site parameters all factor into the design.

Designed for transport

Modules are equipped with temporary supports and weather protection that enable the product to be transported with no impact to the structural integrity or damage of the internal decoration. As a precaution transport insurance provides a safety net for damage during transport and even force majeure event.



An efficient site installation is achieved through meticulous planning and training of key personnel involved in all facets of the project. quicksmart technology develops a tailored installation program and installation manual for each project to ensure all deliverables set by the client are achieved.

The installation manual provides direction for all trades who interact with the PPVC modules onsite. Instructions for specialist riggers to safely level and connect the modules efficiently and the methods in which building connections are made are outlined in detail.

Construction Methodology

quicksmart technology can assist the project team develop a construction methodology specific to PPVC module installation including craning, staging areas and safety.

Designed with safety in mind

quicksmart technology incorporates safety into our PPVC modules to remove the potential for harm but also maximise efficiencies with the attachment of edge protections and safety lines for riggers working on top of the PPVC modules.

Delivered to site ready for installation

quicksmart technology utilise holding yard facilities to store PPVC modules prior to being delivered to site.


Following each PPVC module installed onsite a survey is completed to check levels and if required adjustments made to ensure modules are within defined tolerances.